Everytime pre-made plugin can not do all what you need. In that situation we help you in creating custom plugin development. We have developed 1000+ WordPress plugin till now.

WordPress is a very popular CMS, and one of the main reasons for its fame is the number of its plugins. WordPress is the only CMS that offers the most plugins. But sometimes we also have something that cannot be fulfilled with the pre-made plugins, in this case we either need to customize the plugin or we need a new plugin which we can in our own way And make it according to your need.

We are a company based in Faridabad who have a team of expert WordPress plugin developers, and we make custom plugins according to your requirement. It is not necessary that every time our needs are fulfilled with the already made plugin.

Thing which our team take care while developing new plugin:

  • Understand your requirements and create a strategy
  • Use consistent and clear coding, So that easy to read and understand code.
  • Take care of all security points seriously.
  • Use web services smartly.
  • Internationalization.
  • Load only those files which you need.